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The story behind

how it all started


a new concept

If, at a young age, I had created one of those bucket-lists, that are so popular today, in other words a list with all those things I wanted to do and see before I kick the bucket, I could have made quite a lot of ticks on that list.  I’ve had an exciting career as a competitive athlete that did not only gave me the chance to visit many countries around the world, but also competing in the Summer Olympics. Boredom was never my cup of tea; I’ve always been on the lookout for new challenges, had demanding jobs in health- and sports-management, technology-centres and in associations. I’ve found the love of my life, sailed across the world’s oceans, survived emergency landings and lead my lovely daughter to the altar. In other words: I’ve lead a fulfilling life.Nevertheless, my retirement was not supposed to be free of demanding jobs, in which I pursued the goal to limit the exploding costs in the health-sector.

Even organically healthy sportsmen of all ages told me about massive complaints while working in a seated position.


against the current

We quickly found out that the traditional chair-desk combination was the cause for these complaints.

The issue of back pains in the IT-sector was of great importance to me, as I, myself, was concerned by this. Even organically healthy sportsmen of all ages told me about massive complaints while working in a seated position. In general, these were back complaints in the lumbar region, tensions in the neck-shoulder-area and all types of deep vein thrombosis in the legs. Even health insurances confirmed a drastically increasing amount of these complaints and treatment-costs, even though more and more ergonomical office-furniture are used, both in private and companies.


First of all, I had to resolve this contradiction. Knowledge that was based on my engineering-studies in Hagen, as well as my studies at the German Sport University in Cologne were of a great advantage. Mechanics, biomechanics, kinetics, ergonomics, anatomy and much more. In case my knowledge was not sufficient or up-to-date anymore, I got in contact with former fellow students, professors or experts from other faculties. Their enthusiasm for my project was so infectious, that we could form a team within a very short time. This was the birth of our PräVentus-team. The first results of our teamwork were the resolution of the alleged contradiction, as we quickly found out that the traditional chair-desk-combination was the cause of the mentioned complaints.

Diesen offensichtlichen Widerspruch musste ich als erstes aufklären. Dabei kamen mir Kenntnisse zustatten, die ich während eines Ingenieurstudiums in Hagen und meines Studiums an der Deutschen Sporthochschule in Köln erworben hatte. Mechanik, Biomechanik, Kinetik, Ergonomie, Arbeitswissenschaften, Anatomie und vieles mehr. Wenn mein Wissen nicht reichte oder nicht mehr aktuell war, konnte ich ehemalige Studienkollegen, meine Lehrer oder Experten anderer Fakultäten fragen. Deren Begeisterung für das Projekt war so ansteckend, dass es mir gelang, in kurzer Zeit eine kleine Arbeitsgemeinschaft zu formieren. Damit war das Team PräVentus geboren. Das erste Resultat unserer Teamarbeit war die Auflösung des vermeintlichen Widerspruchs. Wir fanden schnell heraus, dass die traditionelle Stuhl-Tischkombination die Ursache der genannten Beschwerden war.

Not even the best chair-ergonomics can prevent back-complaints, cramps in the shoulder-neck-area or tingling legs on its own. The cause for this is the centuries-old desk-geometry, which literally invites to bend over the tools and documents that are placed on the desk. But especially when being in this position, the intervertebral discs are unilaterally bruised, resulting of a pressure-increase of 180%, opposite to a vertical position of the torso. When the upper body is reclined by 30°, the pressure would be reduced by 50%. The veins‘ internal pressure would even be 75% lower, compared to a sitting or standing position, when the legs are held in a desk-high position. What a joy for your veins! All that will immediately lead to a soothing, relaxing and relieving experience.



Energy boost

To achieve those and further essential advantages – at least for IT-based work and pastimes, we aimed for a special relaxing chair and a multifunctional desk, that would likewise permit to work sitting, standing or lying.


see what they say

After about a year the first functional model was on trial and the property rights were secured at the patent office.  On the occasion of Orgatec 2014 in Cologne, I’ve exhibited my model to carry out a market survey. In addition to the positive feedback, I went home with valuable new extension- and improvement-suggestions. I received similar support and suggestions at the Orgatec 2016. There, my Stressless ® office-armchair was in action as an alternative. And now, only a few months later our new functional model double bob chair is “possessible”. We baptized it by the very promising name “Cardano”.

You have to experience it to realize, how different it is! At first, I was quite sceptical as I could not imagine, how well you’d feel in Präventus. It’s this unusual feeling that initially makes you suspicious. But the relaxing experience was amazing. Working concentrated and effective in that position was a unique experience!

Lying and feeling good…I really can’t say anything else! Why hasn’t anyone had that idea earlier! That’s the position I want to work in!

Due to my job, I have to sit at the desk a lot, so back-pain is one of my regular problems. For me, it would be wonderful to have that type of chair in my office. I’ll surely have to talk to my boss about that!

While doctors suggested to me to have a disc surgery due to my above-mentioned back-problems, I simply installed the first functional model in my personal office. Since then, I’ve worked, phoned, read and „googled“ for 3 years at an average of 8 hours per day with my legs on desk-level, in the so-called astronaut-position in my Stressless-Armchair®. No more pains, no more tensions, no more risk of falling asleep, no more thrombosis – and above all, no more suggestion to have surgery! I’m on cloud nine, simply relaxing at work.


Now I simply have the dream, that as many sitting-stressed people as possible will consider PräVentus their solution. Or even better, that timely provision will not let these problems occur any more. Eventually, PräVentus is a very innovative and especially affordable prevention-furniture.