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Millions of people from industrialized and emerging countries spend more than four hours a day sitting in front of display devices, at work or in their leisure time. This affects health, wellbeing and motivation considerably. For Germany alone, the calculated damage is a two-digit billion amount per year! And counting.

Millions of potential customers in Europe and Worldwide!

Politics and Economy have to change this development. According to experts, there is a good chance that within the next six to eight years 0.8% of all IT-workers could work and relax medicine-free and painless in the best-position, using PräVentus ®.

Exclusive producer- and/or sales-licence

Becoming an exclusive licensee you would profit from the growing market, a fair contract and the right of sub-licensing.

Freedom of Design

Based on our contract law and copyright, you will be the only one who will choose the product’s design, materials and marketing-strategy. Like that, you can achieve your goal quickly and safely.

Millions of potential customers, already in Europe

The number of people with back troubles – especially in the so-called CIMEC-sector (Communication, Information, Media, Entertainment, Creation) is growing disproportionately.

Great sales- and profitability potential

With granted and registered protective rights, you will meet an untapped, rapidly growing market with manageable risks and  incredible chances!

Don’t hesitate, get into contact with us today!

Divi Theme Examples

Unique selling point due to protective rights


Broad market


Convincing cost-benefit relation


  ErgoMotion GmbH
  Dr. Dietrich Urbach
  Strengenberg 32
  90607 Rückersdorf

  Phone: 09123 / 70 19 962


PräVentus is a work-relax and prevention-furniture-concept, which was especially created for IT-works that take several hours, offering a relaxing, comfortable and inspiring computer work.
We have discovered the requirements, tested functional models, gathered design proposals and protected the property rights. The illustrations shown above represent only some of the possibilities that PräVentus ® offers for the home sector.
Business-concepts have already been prepared.

Divi Theme Examples