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Welcome to the Pole-Position

Sit-lying is acknowledged as the most advantageous relax- and work position!

That’s PräVentus®!

An ergological revolution! A meeting point for body, spirit and soul

The old Romans already appreciated the popular semi-recumbent position a lot.  Today we know that this position is the ideal solution for relaxing and creative work.



Performance Enhancing


Modern Working

The variably inclinable work surface replaces the traditional, horizontal tabletop.


Enjoy your pole-position and experience all advantages of sit-lying in an uncomplicated way.

A rolling stone gathers no moss!

Using PräVentus ® you’ll stay in motion!  You can change your working position at any time, which will increase the positive effects of sit-lying even more. The desk-level leg support and the pivoted work surface offers you many possibilities. The change from one position to another is quickly done. Consequently, an individual use of this functional furniture is guaranteed. Due to the easy-running wheels it is mobile and can easily be moved or discretely stored.

PräVentus ® improves input and output

Movement vitalises and enhances. The PräVentus ®desk is an assisting piece of furniture with unbeatable advantages:




High mobility


Intuitive handling


Low weight

Standing working

Working in a standing position every now and then is becoming more and more popular. Using PräVentus ® this can be done within seconds.

Solitarily useable

Even if there is no chair available, the PräVentus ® -desk can simply be used as a freestanding piece of furniture.


Whether a caddy or a trolley: Using your PräVentus ® -desk you are mobile! Your favourite working place can even be your terrace now!

The PräVentus ® Chair

On the market there are many work-chair, but none that permits to enjoy all the advantages of the PräVentus ® -desk. This is why we decided to develop a compatible bob chair. Seating surface and backrest are fully adjustable and at the same time adjustable via two independent horizontal axes. From the traditional upright sitting position, via the open angle to any possible sit-lying position or even the perfect position for a power nap. Even 24h-gamers will keep fit!


Ideal sit-lying position

Unique concept

Ideal Operative Connection

Amazing variety


PräVentus ® is a specialist and a multitalent at the same time

The PräVentus ®concept is the result of detailed studies, analysis and tests. Without a doubt, the cause for numerous sitting-discomforts are made due to the traditional desk-chair-combination.
The rarely suggested open angle of up to 120° between your upper body and thigh are, according to new scientific analysis as un-ergonomic, as the traditional 90° vertical-position that is suggested in literature. Supporting today’s workplaces, where the use of modern IT-technology is constantly rising, we set new standards with our innovative PräVentus-ergology.


Vitalise your body


Activate your spirit


Supporting your concentration


Unfolding your creativity




Avoiding sitting-discomforts


  ErgoMotion GmbH
  Dr. Dietrich Urbach
  Strengenberg 32
  90607 Rückersdorf

  Phone: 09123 / 70 19 962


PräVentus is a work-relax and prevention-furniture-concept, which was especially created for IT-works that take several hours, offering a relaxing, comfortable and inspiring computer work.
We have discovered the requirements, tested functional models, gathered design proposals and protected the property rights. The illustrations shown above represent only some of the possibilities that PräVentus ® offers for the home sector.
Business-concepts have already been prepared.

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